4 Things To Absolutely NOT DO When Applying For A Home Loan

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Short Sale vs Foreclosure

6 Reasons Why It’s Better To Choose Short Sale Over Foreclosure

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Short Sales Get The Green Light in 2014

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What Is FHA Back To Work?

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Another Home Staging Success Story!

A little elbow grease, some minor remodeling, and home staging transformed this Fair Oaks California home and brought the seller more money than they dreamed! I was recently referred to a family in … [Read More...]

Credit Report

Short Sale Incorrectly Reported as Foreclosure on Credit Report?

Has your short sale been misreported as a foreclosure? Incorrect reporting by lenders to credit bureaus is causing havoc for those trying to get a loan after short sale. You waited the required 2-3 … [Read More...]

Auburn CA

8 Things I Learned When Buying My Own Home

My "Realtor® Brain" seemed to leave me when buying my own home recently in Auburn CA. For the first time since I became a Realtor® 9 years ago this month, I was able to experience first hand what … [Read More...]

Lake of the Pines Homes for Sale

Stage your home to sell and net the most money

To Stage or Not to Stage Recently I inherited a listing. I was the 5th agent to have the honor of marketing this property. It's a home in a primo Auburn CA location, where I happen to be a busy real … [Read More...]


5 Reasons to Buy A Home Now!

"If you wait until you see the robin, spring is over." Warren Buffet You may be sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right time to buy a home. Here are some reasons you shouldn't … [Read More...]

Bernhard Museum, Auburn CA

Why We Love to Live in Auburn CA

Seeing mini pioneers on my to work is just one reason I love Auburn. Why do you love Auburn? I just had the most wonderful epiphany. This month marks our 13th anniversary of living in Auburn, CA. In … [Read More...]